Perils of the Iron Sea

The dangers of the Iron Sea are not limited to unpredictable currents, lightless depths, and unpredictable storms. Once, the inner sea was a calm and reliable interval between prosperous port cities, crowded with the multi-colored sails of merchants, races, and empires alike. Since The Fissure, all these things have passed into the pages of discredited history. The rewriting of history has been unaccompanied by reimagined memory. The longer things remain changed the more people believe things were always that way.


Blood Tides

Just when things couldn't get worse, the Iron Sea begins disgorging torrents of fetid blood along the shores. The smell attracts seagulls and carrion eaters, natural and otherwise, but even these irongut scroungers cannot stomach the foul red ichor. Rumors abound that the blood is produced from the wounds of an ancient beast beneath the waves, but no one can knows for sure. Days after the blood arrives, the beaches are coated in its thick residue, punctuated by the wings and skeletons of the unwary.

Flashing Storms

One of the more spectacular environmental manifestations are the colorful electrical storms that dance across the Iron Sea like giant disjointed spiders of sparkling light. The storms emerge from rapidly coalescing thunderheads, creating dangerous conditions for sailing ships.


Dagger-Toothed Sharks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the beach! These terrors of the deep and certain local coastlines, are much sought-after for their many curved and serrated teeth which are easily crafted into evil, curved daggers. Each of these sharks captured intact can supply enough teeth to produce hundreds of daggers.

The Drowned

One of the more disturbing results of The Fissure is the awakening of the long dead victims of the sea, humanoid and otherwise. Worse still, is that the submarine aberrations seem to be organized, motivated by some unseen intelligence intent on wreaking havoc and fear on populated coastlines. The only blessing, if it can be called that, is the Drowned appear to be tied to salt water and slowly discorporate when emerged.


[EHX ihs] Tentacled Horror of the Iron Sea. The exact shape of the horror is unknown, but the calamitous toll of its thousands of tentacles are an all too common event along the wharves of Grimthorn.