People of Grimthorn

There are a great many people and races across the World of Grimthorn, more and less everyday.

The Cultures

The Races


High denizens of the Underneath. Dwarves are products of the Material, but cannot exist above ground for long periods of time. Dwarves are naturally agoraphobic (fear open spaces) though they can survive top-side with effort. Each week that they remain beneath the sky (without a layer of natural stone above them) they lose 2 points of either Constitution or Wisdom, and begin suffering penalties to saves versus fear, poison, and disease.

Dwarven deities were called Sentinels.


High denizens of the Fey, Elves can only exist in the Material through blood-bond with a Material person. This confers 2 Con to the Material recipient (and subtracts the same from the Elf) so long as he remains in the Material. During a bond, the Elf suffers sympathetic pain (and consciousness) with his counterpart. The blood-bound cannot be separated by large distances. When a bond is broken, the Elf fades back into the Fey and regains his Con, where he is lost until a wizard can remake a bond.

Elven deities were called Ghosts.


Gnomes are the rarest of the Material denizens. They typically shun human populations in favor of remote or pastoral locales. The Gnomes of Grimthorn have a strong kinship with mushrooms. Some believe that they are related to Myconids. Gnomes have a reputation for wielding illusory magics and hoarding great wealth. Their reputation makes them targets for unscrupulous ne'er-do-wells and the occasional dragon.

There were no Gnomish deities.


Goblins are the most numerous denizens of the Material, outnumbering humans, halflings, and dwarves combined. Most are plagued with low-intelligence, small frames, and little strength, making their position and power negligible among their neighbors. In many societies, Goblins are relegated to lowly laborers, if not slaves. It is impossible for Goblins to rise within most social classes.

Goblin deities were called Thralls.


Halflings are an unnoticed race that live on the outskirts of the Material and Fey, belonging fully to neither. Some believe that Halflings are good luck, and aim to recruit them against their will to bring fortune to business dealings, ship voyages, etc. Aside from kidnapping, the main problem is that if bad luck befalls the venture, the Halflings are often held accountable and killed or abandoned in distant places.

Halfling deities were called Charms.


The World of Grimthorn has no hybrid races, e.g., Half-Orc, Half-Elf.