Magic of Grimthorn

The effects of The Fissure are seen from every angle one chooses to observe and dissect the World of Grimthorn. Beneath the ordinary skin of the everyday, lies a layer of tormented flesh that pulses and quivers with latent, misunderstood energies. The untrained eye might look at this layer with nauseous dread, wishing they could reseal the wound and with it their memory of its existence. The practitioner, on the other hand, would stare at the exposed anatomy with a different kind of dread. This second, more informed apprehension, might marvel at the tale-tell signs of encroaching disease, and a conspicuous absence of divine equilibrium.

The Stitches

Once of the most mysterious and beautiful aspects of the old magics, was the invisible shining latticework know as the Tapestry. The Tapestry overlaid the enter world, connecting locations of ancient importance with wells of great natural power. These Ley-lines surged with circulating energies that supplied magic and potential to the entire world. Recent events however, have rewritten this network, replacing it with a series of hooped lines called Stitches. The Stitches still carry magic throughout the world, but every segment seems to emerge and plunge back into the planet's eldritch anatomy, like a surgical suture. Where once the magic traveled freely, it now passes through the dark and fleshy underworld for purposes unknown.

The Traditions

For these reasons, the world is left with three (e.g., Arcane, Occult, Primal) of its original four (i.e., Divine) magic traditions. The long term effect of this shift is unclear, though the loss of Divine channeling has had a number of immediate effects.

The Arcane

The Divine

The cessation of Divine magics has erased centuries old sanctuaries that protected holy grounds, cemeteries, and temples. Ancient forbiddances, placed to contain unnameable evils imprisoned since the dawn of religion have evaporated. It is no longer reasonable to seek the protection or healing of holy orders, to expect the same to provide hospital for embattled armies of the refugees of wars.

The Occult

Since The Fissure, Occult magics have seen a dark renaissance of sorts. Where once the tradition was a mismatched collection of eccentrics and hedge practitioners, it is now becoming more and more mainstream. This shift may be because Occult magics are much easier to access in year passed. Whether this is because of a swell in available study material or the nearness of the accumulating powers is unclear.

The Primal

Of all the traditions, Primal magics seem the most strained by the changes. Each rending and remaking of the world is another crippling wound. Compounding this is the fact that Primalists are more and more being asked to serve in the roles long held by Divinists, at least since the rise of civilization.