Five Stone Farm

Five Stone Farm was a local oddity even before recent events. Ostensibly named for a pile of boulders near the front wall gate, the farm's most remarkable feature is its large pentagonal barn.

Many years later, long after Ēris' untimely death, Five Stone Farm was handed down through a number of planters. A small bordered cemetery stands inside the front wall, rows of small unmarked stones testifying to the scores of men and women who worked and died at Five Stone over the years. The only person not buried in the plot was the manor farm's founder, Ēris. Stories told around the manor hearth at night explained that the old planter was buried somewhere else, because Ēris didn’t trust land set aside for the gods, at least not the Gods of Grimthorn.

The Barn

Built generations past by Ēris Sowmaster, the timber structure rose almost fifty feet high at each of its painted gables. In Ēris' time, it was common to paint giant wards on barns, silos, and doors. The wards at Five Stone Farm however were strange and unsettling. Most just assumed that they were foreign, a vestige of Ēris' past and wherever it was that he came from. Despite the ward diagrams being abstract, farmfolk named them and the respective barn-doors accordingly: Swirls, Mouths, Fire, Mists, and Eyes.

Near the center of the barn, there is a hatch hidden beneath stable muck. When lifted, it opens into a dark deep recess that smells of mold and rot. Descending beneath, one finds a series of corridors radiating outward from the center of the barn. At the end of each corridor is a strange stone glistening with bioluminescent slime. The stones are covered in strange reliefs of people holding terrible shapes upon their shoulders, or being devoured by the same. Beneath the images are carved strange names (e.g., Exaltha, Ankhgor, Zōdiss, Nyv Virid, Uvaloth) and what appear to be instructions.